Advocacy Process

Advocacy Process
We are nonpartisan—the League of Women Voters does not support/oppose candidates or political parties. However, the League takes “action” on an issue or advocates for a cause when there is an existing “League position” that supports the issue or speaks to the cause. In the League, “ACTION” means advocating or lobbying for an issue on which the respective League (local, state, regional or national level) has a position. Action can mean both advocating and lobbying.

In the League, a “position” is a statement of the League’s point of view on an issue, arrived at through member study and agreement (consensus or concurrence) and approved by the League board, which is used as a basis for League action.

Studies - How a Position is Formed
If members have not studied and come to consensus on an issue, the League has no position and therefore cannot take action. Studies (whether national, state, or local) are a defined process lasting one to three years, during which we undertake a thorough pursuit of facts and details and come to consensus on a policy. That consensus becomes our position. Learn more.

Program can be thought of as the League's issues for emphasis, or the issues that we choose for concerted study, education, and action at local, state, and national levels.
The Program Planning process is part of what makes the League a grassroots organization—each League member has the opportunity to influence the selection of issues where the League will focus time, talent, and money. Learn more.
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