Observer Corps

The League of Women Voters has been an active champion of openness in government throughout our history. The organization's principles include the requisite that “government bodies protect the citizen's right to know by giving adequate notice of proposed actions, holding open meetings and making public records accessible.”(LWVUS Looking for Sunshine)

LWV believes in order to make democracy work, citizens should be engaged with government operations and decision-making at all levels. LWV is: Nonpartisan, Nonprofit, Politically Active

LWVH monitors public meetings to assure there is transparency, accountability and citizen engagement that supports good government. We also monitor for issues that are relevant to the community and relevant to established League positions that give rise to our issue advocacy.

In 2015, we formalized this activity into a Program. Observers must be current paid members of League and attend one formal training. Our resources include: LWV materials, Ohio's Sunshine Laws (Open Meetings and Public Records Acts), Ohio Attorney General Sunshine Laws training and website resources and policies and procedures from local government review. Comprehensive report forms are provided to document observations that relay information to the League Board. The Board will determine if we need to take action based on League Principles and Positions. Observers may communicate with public officials if questions arise about policies and procedures. Best practices are used to further enhance transparency and accountability and citizen engagement; observers may make recommendations to public officials for better practices.

LWV Hudson has become known locally as a major promoter of Sunshine Laws, Best Practices and Citizen Engagement in Hudson. We have a good working relationship with public officials sharing the goal of good government. We strive to serve the community through this activity and pursue our League’s goals and activism.

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