Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.
-William James

LWVH relies on the power of our volunteers to achieve our mission of encouraging informed and active participation in our government.

We believe each member can contribute her or his own unique skills and talents in their area of interest to accomplish our goal of creating a democracy truly of the people, by the people and for the people.

Reach out to and find out how you can get involved in LWVH today.

  • Voter Services Forum Organizer:
    • Organize candidates and issues forums including securing a setting, contacting participants, obtaining a moderator, organizing volunteers and overseeing the forum.
  • Communications Liaison:
    • Provide the Communications Committee with information about Voters Services events for Facebook postings, website updates, press releases and other media outlets
    • Update by contacting candidates, writing candidate questions, updating the Vote411 website, and promoting North
  • Summit County Outreach:
    • Aid with reaching out to communities in North Summit county to offer our services of providing voter education in their communities.
  • Voter Registration Registration Materials:
    • Aid in the development of voting informational materials for new voters, student voters and the voting process. Schools: Help provide voting informational materials to students and faculty for high school and college students
  • Community:
    • Help provide voting informational materials to the general public especially in underserves populations.
  • Membership Membership Development Coordinator:
    • Develop and coordinate the implementation of strategies to recruit new members
  • Mentor Coordinator:
    • Connect new members with current members to welcome new members into LWVH and find appropriate volunteer opportunities.
  • Technical Assistance:
    • Provide the membership chair with technical assistance with updating the Membership list on the website, obtain information through electronic membership form and other assistance as needed.
  • Communications Committee Marketing Strategy:
    • Help develop a virtual on-line marketing strategy to educate the public about voting and other LWVH supported issues.
  • Facebook:
    • In conjunction with Facebook Coordinator, provides appropriate posting about relevant information e.g. LWVH events, articles, Call to Action information etc.
  • Website Content Editor:
    • Approves/edits all changes, ensures content is up to day, adds events, and develops enhances in coordination for Webmaster (Position could be split)
  • Twitter:
    • Establish a Twitter presences for LWVH, develop appropriate tweets and monitor responses Observer Corps
  • Observer:
    • Observe the public City or County government meeting of your choice on behalf of League. Main function is to observe, record and report.
  • Hospitality Chair Assistant:
    • Aid chair with obtaining meeting spaces, tracking RSVP’s and greeting members as events
  • Advocacy Legislation Monitoring:
    • Monitor current and potential bill related to voting and other relevant issues
  • Advocacy Actions:
    • Develop action steps to advocate for LWVH supported issues.
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Education:
    • Develop educational programming for LWVH and the community related to DEI issues
  • League Advisor:
    • Advise LWVH to address DEI throughout the organization and in all action.
  • Students:
    • Aid with reaching out to high school and college students interested in volunteering with the League in current goals and projects.
    • Develop volunteer opportunities within LWH for student volunteers.

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